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One Day Advisor is a group of business and healthcare professionals with experience in various business and healthcare-related industries, aesthetics, parenting, Covid-19, and more.
To date, we have published over 5,000 blog posts on different blogs with an amazing readership.

About Us

One Day Advisor offers independent, consumer-centric business and health guides.

We are a team of independent experienced healthcare and business executives who have come together, to leverage our experience and our relationships in various healthcare-related industries. We are in healthcare M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), wellness, beauty & medical aesthetics, stem cell research, regen medicine, lifestyle medicine and healthcare digital marketing, e-commerce and live-streaming.

What We Do

It is clear from browsing around social media, wellness-related advertisements and popular healthcare marketing sites that there is a lot of myths and misinformation being spread. A layperson or an average consumer will tend to have problems navigating through all the jargons, differentiating between non-evidence-based junks, controversies, propaganda and good unbiased quality information. With overwhelming online information available in this day and age, we know that consumers are vulnerable without the support of an independent consumer-centric healthcare professional network.

And that’s why One Day Advisor was founded—to provide unbiased, transparent and reliable guides and advice based on our know-how, expertise and experience in various healthcare-related industries.


Our Domain Expertise

The One Day Advisor team started blogging more than a decade ago. To date, we’ve created over 5,000 blog posts that centred on business and healthcare-related topics, aesthetics, parenting, Covid-19, and more. 

Check out the various blogs we have created such as the following, including many other useful links throughout this network.

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